Monarch Supports Brisbane Street Art Festival 2020

Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness”. This Anni Albers quote has never been more relevant in these uncertain times. In support of the art, our latest partnership with Brisbane Street Art Festival (BSAF) was established with a motive of supporting local artists and the community.

Monarch Roller Street Artist

BSAF is an annual public art event that seeks to provide opportunities for creative practitioners and the wider community to develop positive partnerships through engagement and collaboration. As an avenue for artistic expression, BSAF endeavours to create a multi-disciplinary platform that encourages any and all art forms to participate.

Monarch Brush Street Artist

Monarch supported the artists this year, by sponsoring the festival with the provision of professional painting equipment.  Lincoln Savage from Yast Yvonder said,” The artists in the BSAF program utilised a wide range of Monarch products across the 30 walls throughout Brisbane city and surrounding areas. There was consistent positive feedback from the artists about the quality and variety of products available through the Monarch range. Street artists put painting equipment through some of the toughest tests working on a very large scale and wide range of surfaces. They require the highest quality products to produce artworks often exceeding 200 square metres in outdoor conditions that benefit from reliable equipment to attain the highest quality outcome.”

Monarch Brush Street Artist

Michelle Wee, Marketing Manager at ABC Monarch said, “Our partnership with the BSAF in 2020 has been an amazing journey and it’s great to be able to support Australian Artists along with the QLD community through Street Art.  Seeing our Monarch Paint Brushes and Rollers being used to paint extensive Murals has been a real testament to our products but also highlights that our accessories can be used for any painting project!  Quality and Versatility is key in our market and we thank everyone involved in enabling us to participate.  We look forward to seeing you again in 2021”

Monarch brush street artist 3

Monarch will continue to support the initiatives that support our local community and artists across Australia & New Zealand.

Monarch brush 4

Photos by Tae Young / @mellumae

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