Christmas in July

Let’s celebrate the cold weather and a little festivity with Christmas in July!

Here are some little decorative projects that can help spruce up any Christmas Event.

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Project Ideas

Glitter Wine Glasses

Add some Christmas flair to a set of wine glasses with a simple arts and crafts project. Use a small brush to apply glass glue to the stem and base of the wine glasses. Spoon over some glitter white rotating the glasses to get an even coverage of glitter. Add another layer of glue to seal the glitter down and finish with a small ribbon tied around the stems.

Peanut Butter Christmas Biscuits

Try something new this Christmas (in July) with some flourless, gluten-free peanut butter Christmas biscuits. Using only 3 ingredients plus some of our favourite Monarch products you’ll make a delicious treat for the whole family.

Terracotta Centrepiece

Decorate your table with this fun and simple terracotta Christmas tree that you can make in an afternoon. Use some terracotta pots stacked into a tree shape and apply gold and silver paint to the rims. Decorate your tree with a star and some simple lights and you’ll have a table dressing that will be the centre of attention.


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