Monarch SmartLock Doors, Skirtings & Cupboards Mini Roller 100mm Short Frame - 9mm Foam


The Monarch SmartLock Mini Roller range combines great features and benefits to create the perfect painting tool for your painting projects. The SmartLock mechanism allows you to attach and remove your mini roller without touching it; this means no more dirty hands. This product includes an air-tight storage tube to keep your roller fresh.

Size (mm)
Available size: 100mm, 160mm


  • SmartLock mechanism
  • Storage tube
  • Angled frame
  • Mini Roller frame compatible with Monarch SmartLock poles
  • High-density foam for a perfect glossy finish


  • No more dirty hands
  • No more drying out
  • More convenient for 100% vertical applications

Monarch Razorback is the professional choice for your next painting project. Designed with innovation in mind, the Monarch Razorback brand embodies professional quality and cutting-edge technology.