Creations with Monarch 2021

We can’t believe it but we have wrapped-up another year of Creations with Monarch! Check out the DIY projects from this season and get some inspiration for your own home too

This year we collaborated with six creative experts you know and love, to bring ten different DIY creations to life with Monarch painting tools! Check out the different projects below, along with educational step-by-step videos.

The first DIY Creation was executed by lady tradie Aimee Stanton, she showed us how easy it is to transform the entire look and feel of your bedroom by simply painting a wall and sharing some quick styling tips. Watch here to see how Aimee changes her bedroom from a jungle theme to summery boho chic!

DIY Creations fussy wardrobe

Fussy upcycles an old wardrobe with some paint and fun design details – the perfect weekend project! See how Fussy creatively painted this wardrobe with geometric shapes using tape and Monarch painting tools.

Avid DIYer Ria Vadervis tidied up the timber retaining wall in her garden, transforming the look and feel of the space with a bucket of paint and a few painting tools (and it only took a few hours)! Watch as Ria transforms her retaining wall while sharing a few tips and tricks along the way!

Creation Lisa wine barrel

Former House Rules contestants, Lisa and Andy, transformed an old wine barrel with few tools and a lick of paint. This was a quick and easy task that only takes an afternoon and will brighten up the whole vibe of your outdoor area – check out the transformation here.

Maya's shoe cabinet DIY creations

DIY enthusiast, Maya Anderson shows us how to breathe new lift into an old shoe cabinet, with a steady hand and an eye for detail! Watch here to see how Maya works her DIY creation magic to transform this shoe cabinet.

Alice's hutch dresser creations

Alice from Pearson + Projects showed us a handy project for an avid DIYer, ready to tackle a bigger project – upcycling a hutch dresser! With some effort and patience, this transformation is well worth the time to create a masterpiece fit for your home! Watch here to see how Alice made her creations with Monarch.

Aimee Exterior Creation image

In this project, Aimee transformed the exteriors of her home, going from old and daggy to modern and trendy! Watch here to see how Aimee transformed the exterior of her house with the help of Monarch painting tools…

Fussy Vertical Garden New

In this Creations with Monarch project, Fussy shows us how to create a lush Vertical Garden, using a recycled crate pallet! Watch here as Fussy harnesses his DIY skills to create the perfect accessory for his courtyard.

Monarch creations Ria Window Frame on Now

In another DIY Creation, Ria showed us how painting a brand-new window frame can be a quick and easy project with the help of some quality Monarch painting tools! Watch here as Ria shows us how to ensure we can get the perfect smooth finish.

Alice's cornhole game - DIY creations banner

Alice also showed us how to take cornhole boards from basic to brilliant, all you need is a lick of paint and some quality Monarch tools. This simple painting project will provide hours of fun for the family and looks great too, see how she brought these boards to life here!

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