Paint Applicators

Paint Applicators - FAQ

What is a paint pad applicator used for?

Also known as paint edgers, paint pad applicators are used as a substitute for rollers and brushes. Paint applicators are designed to deliver a smooth, even finish with great coverage. Applicators are perfect for first-time DIY painters who may not be as confident using a brush or roller.

Monarch Pad Applicators can be affixed to most standard extension poles. 

Where should I use a paint applicator?

Paint applicators should be used on smooth surfaces to prevent the pad from getting torn or damaged. Applicators are also perfect to use when staining a deck or timber surface. 

What’s the best way to prepare a paint applicator before starting my project?

Just like with a paint roller or brush, you should always wash your paint applicator before use. Completing this step will minimise any residue from the paint pad being left on your walls and will result in a smoother finish. 

Can I use a paint pad on smaller edges or surfaces?

Absolutely! The Monarch Pad Edger will allow you to paint perfectly straight lines around windows, skirting boards and doors. The comfortable grip handle will give you great control and avoid any painting mishaps occurring. 

For inside corners, the Monarch Corner Applicator will allow you to reach into those small, tricky areas that traditional applicators cannot. 

Can I use an applicator to paint a pipe?

Yes! For asymmetrical objects such as pipes, poles and spindles, the Monarch Painters Mitt will allow you to apply paint to these areas with ease. Suitable to use with all paint types, it is made from synthetic wool, which allows the paint to reach all kinds of nooks and crannies. The inner lining of the mitt will ensure that your hand stays clean from any paint. 

For inside corners, the Monarch Corner Applicator will allow you to reach into those small, tricky areas. 

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