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DIY Painting Kits - FAQ

Why should I use a Monarch paint kit?

Starting a paint project can be overwhelming, especially when you need to get a range of different tools to get the job done properly. A Monarch painting kit has all of our premium painting accessories conveniently bundled together, so you don’t have to go looking for each product individually.  

Our range of quality paint kits are named after the specific project they’ve been designed for, taking the guesswork out of selecting the right one for you. We have kits available for interior, exterior and decking projects.  

Which kits can I use on the interior of my home?

The Monarch Walls & Ceilings Kit is perfect for painting interior walls. Available in both a standard 4-piece Kit and a supersized 8-piece Kit, which includes an additional paint brush, stirrer and sanding block.

If you want to achieve a gloss finish on your cupboards or trims, go with the Monarch Doors, Trims & Cupboards Kit. The smaller roller nap will give you a super smooth finish. 

If you’re repainting furniture or need to give skirting boards a quick touch-up, a smaller roller is required. Choose the Finishing Touches Kit, which will make quick work of your smaller projects. 

All of Monarch’s interior painting kits include a roller cover made from Ultra-Microfibre. This fabric is ideal for use on smooth surfaces.

Which kits can I use on the exterior of my home?

The Monarch Rough & Textured Surface Kit is highly durable and will give you excellent coverage over brick and render walls. 

If you need to paint a smaller surface, such as pergolas or fence panels, the Fence, Deck & Pergola Kit is the way to go. 

All of Monarch’s exterior painting kits include a roller cover made from Woven Polyester. This fabric, accompanied with a thicker roller nap, is ideal for using on rough surfaces.

Add the right products to your Painting Tool Kit

Still unsure what products you need to use for your next painting project? Look no further - the Painting Tool Kit is here to help. Simply answer a few questions about the painting project you’re about to start on, and we’ll tell you exactly what you need.