Roller Frames

Paint Roller Frames - FAQ

Why should I use a Monarch roller frame?

When it comes to painting tools, possessing a quality roller frame is crucial to achieving your desired outcome. Monarch has a range of roller frames that are constructed using durable, premium materials. 

For a novice DIYer, we recommend using our Comfort Grip Roller Frame. This is an ideal frame to use for any painting project and comes with a comfortable rubber grip handle, which is easy to control. The lightness of this roller frame will help the user avoid fatigue when undertaking a large paint project. 

For the experienced DIYer, we recommend the Monarch Expertech Heavy Duty Roller Frame. The reinforced construction of the roll cage makes the frame a lot more stable and helps avoid any track marks when applying paint. This roller frame won’t flex or lose shape when pressure is applied. 

What is the best roller frame for small areas?

Monarch’s standard Roller Frame is the ideal choice for painting in smaller areas, such as trims, cupboards and doors. The frame is lightweight and easy to control. Available in 75mm and 130mm. 

Can I use a Monarch roller frame on any pole?

Yes! All of our roller frames have a universal thread designed to fit on most standard-sized extension poles.

How do I put a paint roller on a frame?

To connect a paint roller to a frame, simply slide the roller cover over the cage. You may need to tap the side of the roller cover firmly a few times to secure it in place. 

Don’t be alarmed if it seems difficult to slide on – this means that your roller won’t slide around or fall off in the middle of your painting project. Once you hear it click on, give it a few spins to make sure that the rolling motion is working smoothly. 

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