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Mini Paint Rollers - FAQ

What would I use a mini roller for?

Monarch’s range of mini rollers are extremely versatile paint tools, perfect for those small jobs where a full-size roller isn’t necessary. They are also very easy to handle, allowing you to complete your project faster. 

The best paint rollers for trims, skirting, and doors are mini in size. They allow you to get into tighter spaces much easier than large rollers. 

Are there different mini roller sizes?

Yes! We have long and short mini roller frames to cater for your project requirements. Our mini frame widths are available in 100mm and 160mm.

Are there different types of mini roller covers available?

Correct! We have three types of mini roller covers to choose from depending on your project needs. 

Our Foam Mini Roller Covers are great if you’re seeking a gloss finish and can be used with oil-based paints.

The Microfibre Mini Roller Covers are suited to water-based paint and will achieve a low sheen, semi-gloss finish. 

The Fabric Mini Roller Covers are durable and best suited to rough and textured surfaces. 

Which mini roller will give me the smoothest finish?

When choosing a mini roller, the thickness of a roller nap will determine the type of finish you will achieve. Roller covers with thinner naps will give you a smoother finish. Mini rollers are a perfect choice if you want a smooth finish, as our roller naps only range from 4mm to 11mm in width. 

How do I prepare my mini roller for painting?

When preparing your mini roller, we recommend using the exact same method as larger-sized rollers. Before beginning your painting project, wash your mini roller thoroughly in water and spin it out a few times to eliminate excess droplets. This will allow your paint to go on smoothly and evenly.

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