Caulking Guns & Tools

Caulking Guns & Tools - FAQ

What is caulking?

The process of caulking involves using a material like filler or silicone, to seal surface cracks and gaps. A caulking gun is used to apply this material as it gives the user much greater control and precision. 

Which caulking gun should I use?

Most DIYers don’t need to use a full cartridge of filler or silicone to complete a project. To avoid waste, we recommend using the Mini Compact Caulking Gun, which has been designed to use with our Monarch Mini range of sealants, adhesives and fillers.  

This innovative tool has been designed to reach into those tight spaces where traditional caulking guns can’t. It also comes with an inbuilt cartridge opener which will help to avoid the use of cutting them open with a Stanley knife and risking injury. 

For big jobs where you need to use a lot of product, we have a range of traditional caulking guns. The Ultra-Light Caulking Gun is significantly lighter than a steel caulking gun so you can reduce fatigue while in use. 

If you’re an experienced DIYer, the Dripless Caulking Gun is a heavy-duty option with a quick-release push lever for easy cartridge changeover. 

How do I operate my caulking gun?

The best way to apply fillers, sealants and adhesives with a caulking gun is to hold it at the area that needs to be filled at a 45-degree angle. Dispense the product by applying an even pressure when pulling the trigger.

Are Monarch Mini cartridges only compatible to use in the Mini caulking guns?

No. Monarch Mini cartridges can also fit into standard-sized caulking guns!

Do you have a tool for removing old caulk or sealant?

Yes. The Monarch Caulk Remover can quickly remove any old sealant or silicone before applying anything new. It won’t scratch surfaces and is made with a unique V shape to get into corners.

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