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Complete small projects with Monarch Mini

20 July 2023

Seal up any gaps and cracks around your home with the Monarch Mini range of innovative sealants, fillers and adhesives. Monarch Mini has been designed to be more compact, user friendly and get into those hard-to-reach tight spaces. The unique shape of Monarch Mini cartridges allows for them to be loaded into caulking guns easily, when compared with using traditional sealants.

Here are some small DIY project ideas that our Monarch Mini range can help you with:

  1. Seal leaks in your roof and gutters

Using Monarch Mini roof and gutter silicone

The Monarch Mini Roof & Gutter silicone is ideal for use when repairing leaky gutters and downpipes.

When used with a Monarch Mini Compact Caulking Gun, you’ll be able to access those pesky tight spaces that are hard to reach when using traditional caulking cartridges.

It’s perfect for those small outdoor projects where a full sizes cartridge isn’t required, meaning you’ll have less waste and won’t need to throw out any unused product.

  1. Fill gaps between your walls, doors & ceilings

Using Monarch Mini gap filler

The Monarch Mini Gap Filler acrylic gap sealant is an important preparation tool, designed to fill any gaps in surfaces prior to painting. Simply hold the gun at a 45-degree angle and dispense the gap filler at a steady trigger pressure.

This product is available in white, cream, black and brown so there is an option to use for a wide variety of surface colours.

  1. Seal your bathroom and kitchen

Using Monarch Mini kitchen and bathroom silicone

When it comes to sealing wet areas around the home, you need a product that is mould resistant and tough enough to withstand water. The Monarch Mini Kitchen & Bathroom silicone sealant is the perfect choice for sealing kitchens, bathrooms and laundries - available in both white and transparent.

The transparent is great for general purpose applications when you want a clear finish, where the white silicone blends seamlessly into your sinks, baths and showers. 

  1. Adhere skirting boards to the wall

Using Monarch Mini easy nails adhesive

Monarch Mini Easy Nails is a strong, multipurpose construction adhesive, designed to bond the most common building materials, including timber, metal and ceramics.

When applying skirting boards, hold the caulking gun at a 45-degree angle and dispense Easy Nails evenly across the surface which will bond to the wall. Press the skirting board firmly against the wall and Easy Nails will hold it in place. Allow 24 hours for the formula to completely cure.

The Monarch Mini range is available to shop at your local Bunnings Warehouse. For more painting tips, tricks and inspiration, follow us on Instagram or Facebook.