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Getting large jobs done quickly with Expertech

27 May 2024

Monarch Expertech Products on Canvas Dropsheet


If you’re painting a whole house or business, you need premium products to help you complete the task quickly.

Designed for those with painting experience, the Monarch Expertech range will get the job done faster while still achieving a perfect finish.

Here are some of our favourite products in the range.


Expertech 5 In 1 Tool

Monarch Expertech Roller Cleaning with 5 in 1 tool

Preparation can be a timely task and can require a number of tools to get your surface ready.

The Expertech 5 in 1 tool has a range of uses in one handy device.

These include a scraper, nail puller, a paint tin opener/closer and a roller cover cleaner.


Expertech 3 Pack Canvas Drop Sheets

Monarch Expertech Dropsheets

When it comes to a big painting job, you’ll need a number of drop sheets to protect your floors and furniture.

The Expertech 3-Pack Heavy Duty Canvas Drop Sheets features three different sizes for hallways, small and large rooms, making it the ultimate value pack for your whole house or business.


Expertech Brushes

Monarch Expertech Brushes

Our Expertech brushes are made from an extra thick filament, allowing them to hold more paint and decrease time spent reloading your brush.

The sleek timber handles offer premium control so you can cut perfect straight lines.


Expertech Walls & Ceilings Roller

Monarch Expertech Roller used on Interior Wall

The Expertech Walls & Ceilings Roller is made using a cutting-edge, open weave design.

This roller holds more paint and delivers 25% more coverage than a microfibre roller.

Don’t just take our word for it! Watch for yourself how quick you can roll out a wall using Expertech, while still getting an amazing finish.


Expertech Render & Brick Wall Roller

Monarch Expertech Roller used on Rough Surface

Get into those tough nooks and crannies with the Expertech Render & Brick Wall Roller.

The ultra thick nap makes light work of rough and exterior surfaces.


For advice on how to select the perfect paint accessory for your next project, take a look at our Painting Tool Kit and discover a bunch of painting tips, tricks and inspiration by following us on Instagram and Facebook.