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Painting fences - Tools to use depending on the style

5 October 2023

It’s the perfect time of year to repaint your fence. However, there are many types of fences that people may have at their homes, including rough sawn, flat and picket. Depending on the style of fence being painted, different paint accessories should be used.

How to paint a rough sawn fence

Rough sawn fences are made from thick timber and typically have both vertical and horizontal slats. Key products to use on this type of fence include:

+ Monarch Fence Deck & Pergola Kit

+ Monarch Rough & Exterior Brush

+ Monarch Leak Proof Canvas Drop Sheet

+ Monarch 4L Paint Bucket

Watch the video below for easy steps to complete a rough sawn fence:

If you have a flat fence, the same products and process can be used.

How to paint a picket fence

Picket fences are made from narrow, individual slats and generally require a greater reliance on a paintbrush when completing this project. This is necessary in order to get into those hard to reach spaces between each slat.  

Products to use for a picket fence project

+ Monarch 100mm Rough & Textured Surface Fabric Mini Rollers

+ Monarch 4L Paint Bucket

+ Monarch 100mm Fence Brush

+ Monarch 100mm Paint Tray

+ Monarch Leak Proof Canvas Drop Sheet


+ Lay the drop sheet on the ground to avoid any paint getting on surrounding concrete or grass areas.

+ If the fence is not brand new, it needs to be washed down to remove any dirt or debris

+ Lightly sand the pickets to ensure a smooth finish once you start painting



+ Apply an undercoat using the Monarch 100mm Fence Brush. This will prime the surface and improve paint adhesion.

+ Pour your paint of choice into the Monarch 4L paint bucket. Use the brush to paint in between the pickets and the board that runs along the bottom of the fence.

+ Transfer the leftover paint from your bucket to the Monarch 100mm paint tray. Load up a Monarch Smartlock Mini Roller and use it to roll over the longer and larger areas of the fence.

+ Allow suitable drying time before applying a second coat, which will give you a beautiful colour and finish.

For advice on how to select the perfect paint accessory for your next project, take a look at our Product Finder and discover a bunch of painting tips, tricks and inspiration by following us on Instagram and Facebook.