Painting Extension Poles

Painting Extension Poles - FAQ

Why would I use an extension pole when completing a paint project?

Extension poles are designed to help your roller frame reach high areas when painting, such as ceilings and walls. When choosing the right extension pole, you need to factor in the height of the area you’re painting and which pole feels the most comfortable for you.  

Monarch has a range of extension poles for all user requirements. The Monarch Dual Extension Comfort Grip Pole is ideal for the DIY painter. It features padding on the full length of the pole, ideal for staying comfortable for extended periods of use. 

If you need a pole that needs to be built to last, you can’t go past the Monarch Professional Aluminium Extension Pole. Its crimped design makes this pole both lightweight and durable. It is perfect to use in higher areas, with a reach of up to 3.6 metres.  

If you’re a more experienced painter, the Monarch Expertech Easy-Lock Fibreglass Pole is the perfect pole for you. The easy locking mechanism allows you to adjust the pole to 10 different lengths. The lightweight fibreglass material will allow you to use this pole for long periods without fatigue. 

Which Monarch roller frames can I attach to my extension pole?

All of Monarch’s roller frames will fit onto our range of extension poles. This is because the poles all include a standard size thread which is compatible with our frames. You can also attach sanders and broom heads to Monarch extension poles. 

Are there safety precautions to consider when using an extension pole?

Never use a paint pole within 10 metres of high voltage powerlines, as the risk of electrocution is high. Apply common sense and be aware of your surroundings before using your pole, particularly if it has an extended reach.

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