Drop Sheets & Protection

Drop Sheets & Protection

Why do I need a drop sheet when painting?

In order to protect your floors, furniture and doors from paint splatter, laying down a premium protective drop sheet is extremely important. 

How do I choose the right drop sheet for my project?

Monarch’s drop sheets come in a range of sizes and styles. The Monarch Heavy Duty Plastic Drop Sheet is easy to assemble and tape, saving you time on your preparation. The blue colour will also make any paint splatter much more visible. 

For smaller rooms, the Double Strength Paper Poly Drop Sheet has a smart layered construction with the paper layer absorbing spills, whilst the plastic layer provides leakproof protection. 

Is there an environmentally friendly drop sheet option?

Yes! The Monarch Elements Plant Based Drop Sheet is a reusable, partially plant-based drop sheet made from 57% sugarcane. This drop sheet is 100% recyclable with the production and manufacturing being more sustainable than traditional oil-based plastic drop sheets.

The quality of the Elements drop sheet is still premium, with it still being tear-proof and leak-resistant. 

Why would I use a canvas drop sheet?

Canvas drop sheets are a great choice for somebody who undertakes frequent painting projects, as they are designed to be used time and time again. 

The Leak Proof Canvas Drop Sheet comes in a range of sizes suitable for any painting project. The plastic backing eliminates any leakage.

If you need something with a bit more stability on slippery areas, the Heavy Duty Non-Slip Canvas Drop Sheet has a rubber backing, so it adheres perfectly on tiles and polished floors. 

For an experienced painter who needs multiple drop sheets, the Monarch Expertech 3-Pack Heavy Duty Canvas Drop Sheet offers multiple drop sheets with double-sided hemming for greater longevity. 

Add the right products to your Painting Tool Kit

Still unsure what products you need to use for your next painting project? Look no further - the Painting Tool Kit is here to help. Simply answer a few questions about the painting project you’re about to start on, and we’ll tell you exactly what you need.