Scraping Tools

Scraping Tools - FAQ

Why do I need to use a scraper before recoating?

The need to scrape off old paint may not always be applicable when preparing a surface for painting. However, if the existing surface is peeling, flaking or has a texture you’d like altered, scraping and sanding is an important step. 

This will give your surface a smooth base to make your paint go on seamlessly. 

How do I soften paint before scraping?

Softening the paint before scraping will allow you to remove it much easier. You just need to scrub the surface with warm, soapy water which will help to raise the paint. 

Should I use a stiff or flexible scraper?

When it comes to deciding between a flexible or stiff scraper, it is really up to your own personal preference. 

If you want excellent control, the Monarch Stiff Scraper is great for heavy duty scraping. The timber handle and chiselled edge will make light work of stripping paint.  

For the more experienced DIYer, the Monarch Expertech Non-Stick Flex Scraper comes in a range of different sizes and is a great tool for someone with a bit more confidence using a scraper. The flexible blade is proficient for not only scraping, but applying filler as well. 

Is there a specific tool for applying filler?

A premium scraping tool can be used to remove old paint, but also to fill in surface cracks with putty. The Monarch Putty Knife has a curved, chiselled edge and is a great option for filling holes in walls and doors. 

What other uses can a Monarch scraper have?

The Monarch Expertech 5-in-1 Scraper is a multipurpose tool that also features a paint tin opener, roller cover cleaner, metal hammer end and a nail puller. The non-stick stainless steel blade won’t corrode and is a breeze to clean. 

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