Paint Buckets & Trays

Paint Buckets & Trays - FAQ

Why should I use a Monarch bucket or tray?

Buckets and trays are important paint accessories as they store your paint and are used to load up your brush or roller. Monarch’s range of trays and buckets are all made from sturdy construction and are designed to be cleaned for repeat use. They are suitable to use with all paints and solvents. 

Which tray do I use for my next project?

As always, it depends on the size of the room you’re painting. The Monarch Paint Tray is great for smaller surface areas and can accommodate both mini and larger rollers. It also features an in-built brush holder compartment.  

If you’re painting a larger area and need to use a lot of paint, try one of our Deep Well Paint Trays. These trays are designed to hold over 3 litres of paint and are suitable for large roller covers.

All trays come with strong roller grids and paint pourers to avoid mess. 

Do you have a hybrid tray and bucket product?

Yes, we do! The Monarch Painters Bucket comes in three sizes and has an innovative lid that fits onto it. Not only does the lid keep your paint fresh, but you can also flip it over and see that it doubles as a roller tray!

These buckets also have an in-built magnet where you can prop up your paint brush in between coats. 

Can paint buckets be multipurpose?

Of course! Our Metal Paint Bucket can be used for a variety of purposes, such as fishing, cleaning and gardening.

When used for painting, the Metal Paint Bucket can hold up to 4 litres of product, which you can easily check using the built-in volume measurer. The galvanised finish will also prevent it from rusting in the elements. 

Add the right products to your Painting Tool Kit

Still unsure what products you need to use for your next painting project? Look no further - the Painting Tool Kit is here to help. Simply answer a few questions about the painting project you’re about to start on, and we’ll tell you exactly what you need.