Rejuvenate your fence with 2 products

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Rejuvenate your fence with 2 products

Project overview

Is your timber fence looking tired and unloved? Repainting your fence will not only rejuvenate your outdoor space but will also protect the timber from harsh weather. Follow our easy instructions, to renew your garden or outdoor area with a freshly painted fence using 2 key products.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Estimated time: 2 hours
  • People power: 1
  • Budget: Low


STEP 1: Preparing your brushes

If you’re using oil-based paint soak your brush in an inch of turps for 10-15min, then remove and spin in between your hands to remove excess water. If you’re using water-based paint, follow the same steps using water instead of turps.

STEP 2: Preparing your rollers

Whether you’re using water-based or oil-based paints, rinse your roller in running water and run your hand up and down the roller to get rid of excess lint. Shake the roller to remove most of the water then attach the roller to the frame and spin it quickly off a wall or other flat surface to remove the extra water.

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STEP 3: Prepare your fence

Preparing your fence is easy! First, scrub your fence with a wire brush (or scraper) to get rid of any paint flakes. Then, wipe and dust off all dirt, dust and any ‘bird contaminants’ to have a clean surface to start painting.

STEP 4: Start painting your fence

Start by painting the smaller palings of your fence with a Monarch 75mm Exterior & Rough Surfaces brush. For the larger areas, paint the inner paling first with a brush before tackling the larger areas with a roller.

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STEP 5: Roll your fence

Once the inner paling and smaller areas are painted with your brush, use the Monarch 130mm Fence, Deck & Pergola Roller Kit for the outer palings. The microfibre roller in this specialty kit is designed to hold more paint and ensures no gaps are left while painting. Once the palings are done, paint railings
followed by the posts.

STEP 6: Finishing up

Congratulations, you’re done! Scrape any leftover paint from your paint tray back into the tin for re-use. Wash your brushes and rollers thoroughly so you can use them for your next project.

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