Restoring furniture in 2 easy steps

Project overview

One of the major benefits of furniture restoration is that it can create a whole new style without the need to spend a fortune. Doing the restoration process will give a completely new life and look of the furniture, additionally preserving its value. Here’s how you can restore your old furniture into something trendy in 2 easy steps.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Estimated time: 1 Day
  • People power: 2
  • Budget: Low


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STEP 1: Preparing your brushes

If you’re using water-based paint soak your brush in an inch of water for 10-15min, then remove and spin in between your hands to remove excess water. If you’re using oil-based paint, follow the same steps using turps.

STEP 2: Preparing the wardrobe

For any paint job, preparation is critical. Sand down your wardrobe, then dust and wash down to get that perfect smooth surface to start painting.

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STEP 3: Apply undercoat (1st coat)

To get that trendy French antique look, apply a bright colour as your first coat with a Monarch Walls, Doors & Trims brush or Monarch Woodcare brush. It’s essential to use a quality brush so there are no brush marks or filament loss all over your piece of furniture.

STEP 4: Apply second colour (2nd coat)

Ideally, use a light colour Chalked paint to give you an attractive antique finish. In order to get the aged look, don’t worry about applying the paint perfectly smooth. Use long strokes when applying Chalked paint (as it dries quickly) that way you will get a lovely natural aged look.

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STEP 5: Sand for an antique finish

To get that beautiful aged effect, give the corners of your furniture a light sand which will bring to the surface the brightness of the 1st blue coloured coat. Make sure not to over-do it: a subtle effect will
make it look natural.

STEP 6: Protect your furniture

Since a wardrobe usually is one of the most frequently used piece of furniture, its bound to wear and tear. In order to slow down it’s wearing process, it's important to protect your piece of furniture by applying a layer of Matt Clear Protective Topcoat. Use a quality brush to get that nice smooth finish.

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STEP 7: Finishing up

Congratulations, you’re done! Scrape any leftover paint back into the tin for re-use. Wash your brushes thoroughly so you can use them for your next project.

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