Renew your ceiling in 2 steps

Project overview

Follow Monarch’s Renew in 2 step-by-step, easy to follow directions and DIY your home renovation projects. Moreover, you don’t need to be an experienced painter to Renew your ceiling in 2 easy steps. Simply paint in 2 opposite directions for a smooth, professional-looking finish that will instantly change the dynamic of any room.

  • Difficulty: Low
  • Estimated time: 1 Day
  • People power: 1
  • Budget: Low


STEP 1: Preparing an old ceiling

Start by checking your ceiling for damage. If there are any cracks, leaks, mould, or other damage to your ceiling, consult a professional before continuing. If there are bubbles on the surface or areas where paint has flaked away, sand down so that the area is smooth.

STEP 2: Preparing a new ceiling

If you’re painting a new ceiling prep your area and get ready to apply your undercoat.

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STEP 3: Preparing the walls

If you’re only painting the ceiling, use quality masking tape to ensure a clean line between your ceilings and your walls. We recommend using a quality painter’s tape to protect your wall from any flying specks of paint. Lay the tape in sections. Tape small sections and move your ladder around the room until you’ve gone the whole way around.

STEP 4: Cutting in (first coat)

Cutting in involves painting a margin around the edges of the ceiling where the roller can’t go. Using your quality Monarch 50mm brush, paint small strokes from the bottom of your cornices upwards towards the centre of the ceiling, starting at your tape. With a quality brush like this one, you can paint a little over the tape if you need to.

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STEP 5: Cutting in (second coat)

By the time you’ve gone all the way around your cornices once, the first coat will be dry, so start immediately on cutting in the second coat.

STEP 6: Start rolling (first top coat)

Load your Monarch Walls & Ceiling Roller 12mm NAP with paint and start rolling. Start from the edge of the ceiling towards the middle, about half a rollers’-width from where you’ve cut in using a light-to-moderate pressure. Keep your paint tray about half a metre away from you for easy loading.

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STEP 7: Halve the room

When you’re rolling, imagine there’s an invisible line dividing your ceiling in half. On each stroke, once you get to this line, roll back towards the side you started. When you’ve done one half of your ceiling, reload your roller and paint the other half. Make sure you overlap a little along that invisible line so there are no missed spots.

STEP 8: Allow paint to dry

Wrap your roller in some plastic wrap to keep it moist while you wait for the first coat to dry. Keep in mind that if you’re using low-sheen paint rather than flat paint, you may have to wait a little longer.

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STEP 9: Second coat

Start again where you started the first coat, but paint in the opposite direction, alongside your invisible line. This will ensure even coverage and a professional finish. Do both halves of your ceiling as in steps 6-8.

STEP 10: Job done

Congratulations, you’re all done! You’ve renewed your ceiling in 2 easy directions. Relax while you wait for your second coat to dry. Once it’s dry, refit your light fittings and electricals, replace your furniture, and enjoy your renewed ceiling.

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