Renew your deck with 2 people

Project overview

Renewing your outdoor deck instantly refresh your living space for you to enjoy with family and friends. Preparation is the focus and with 2 people in 2 days you can create a relaxing and entertaining area to enjoy all year round. Renew your deck this weekend.

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Estimated time: 2 days
  • People power: 2
  • Budget: Medium


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STEP 1: Preparing your brushes

If you’re using water based paint soak your brush in an inch of water for 10-15min, then remove and spin in between your hands to remove excess water. If you’re using oil-based paint, follow the same steps using turps.

STEP 2: Prepare your Applicator

Whether you’re using water-based or oil-based paints, rinse your applicator in running water and run your hand up and down the applicator to remove the excess lint. Squeeze the applicator and let it dry out thoroughly.

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STEP 3: Preparing the deck

An existing deck requires thorough preparation. Start by clearing all furniture and objects from the deck. Use an electric sander to strip back the timber removing the old paint stain so that the surface is smooth.

STEP 4: Washing the deck

After sanding, sweep the dust off the deck and wash the surface with a high pressure washer and a quality deck wash. When the deck is dry you’re ready to paint.

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STEP 5: First Coat

This involves painting the surface and edges with your Monarch Woodcare brush. Using a brush ensures full coverage when painting the sides and tops of the timber slats. The first coat usually takes time however its important that all edges are covered so your deck lasts longer. For a newer deck use a quality decking oil, but if you have an older deck a quality deck stain with a darker pigment will really lift the look of your deck.

STEP 6: Second Coat

Load your lambswool applicator and start in a corner by covering approximately 3 slats at a time. Glide the applicator along the slats using light-moderate pressure. Smooth strokes will ensure great coverage. Keep your paint tray nearby for easy loading.

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STEP 7: Second Coat (Edges)

Use a brush to make sure you cover the edges where the applicator can’t reach. This will ensure that you get even coverage across your whole deck.

STEP 8: Finishing up

Congratulations, you’re done! Make sure you wait until the deck is completely dry before putting your furniture back in place. In the meantime, scrape any leftover stain back into the tin for re-use. Wash your brushes and applicator thoroughly so you can use them for your next project.

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