Revamp the kids bedroom with 2 colours

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Revamp the kids bedroom with 2 colours

Project overview

Follow Monarch’s Renew in 2 step-by-step instructions and DIY a creative and engaging kids bedroom. With 2 colours and a mountain design, you will create a colourful wall that will inspire your kids to play and stay in their bedrooms forever. Simply choose 2 colours and get started with Renew in 2.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Estimated time: 1 Day
  • People power: 1
  • Budget: Low


STEP 1: Preparing your brushes

If you’re using water based paint soak your brush in an inch of water for 10-15min, then remove and spin in between your hands to remove excess water. If you’re using oil-based paint, follow the same steps using turps.

STEP 2: Preparing your rollers

Whether you’re using water-based or oil-based paints, rinse your roller in running water and run your hand up and down the roller to get rid of excess lint. Shake the roller. Attach the roller to the frame and spin it quickly off a wall or other flat surface to remove the extra water – just make sure it’s not
the wall you’re about to paint!

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STEP 3: Preparing your walls

Start by checking your walls for damage. If there are any cracks, leaks, mould, or other damage to your existing paint, consult a professional before continuing. If there are bubbles in the paint or areas where it has flaked away, sand them down so that the area is smooth. Preparation is critical for a quality finish – sand the wall, dust and wash using Monarch Sugar Soap.

STEP 4: Mark out your design

With quality painters tape mark out the design for your wall. To create the mountain effect, ensure that the tape is laid nice and straight. Make sure the edges of tape on the inside of the design, where you will paint, are neat with no over hang.

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STEP 5: Cutting in (Colour 1) – 1st Coat

This involves painting a margin around the edges of the tape to prevent the paint bleeding under the tape. First paint the larger foreground mountains in the first colour with your Monarch D & F brush, Cutting in from the edge first then move you brush towards the tape to ensure you get a nice straight line.

STEP 6: Rolling (Colour 1) – 1st Coat

Load your Monarch smart lock mini roller and begin to paint, starting half a rollers’-width from the edge of the tape towards the middle, using a light-to-moderate pressure. Glide the roller up and down the wall from top to bottom. Keep your paint tray nearby for easy loading. The mini roller size makes it easy to use when painting creative designs.

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STEP 7: Cutting In and Rolling (2nd Colour) – 1st Coat

Follow step 6 & 7 when painting the background peak mountain in your alternate colour. For smaller design areas paint with your Monarch Wall brush for a more accurate finish.

STEP 8: Cutting In and Rolling (Colours 1 & 2) – 2nd Coat

When the first coat of colour is dry, then apply your second coat for both colours. Ensuring that each coat is completely dry before the next one goes on, so the new coat won’t pull up the old one and create bubbles in your surface.

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STEP 9: Finishing up

Congratulations, you’re done! Make sure you wait until the paint is completely dry before putting your furniture back in place. In the meantime, scrape any leftover paint back into the tin for re-use. Wash your brushes and rollers thoroughly so you can use them for your next project. Remember to store your roller in its plastic container in between projects.

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