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Exterior Home Facelift

Looking to enhance street appeal and freshen up the exterior of your home? 

Today on House of Monarch, we show you how easy it is to paint all aspects of your home’s exterior; from bagged brick, trims and facia, and even the Colorbond roller door. Learn how to use a combination of charcoal, grey and white paint to create visual contrast as well as some savvy styling to freshen up the entrance of your home!  

No matter the surface or texture, there’s a Monarch product for the job. With a few coats of paint, you can breathe new life into any space!  


STEP 1: Prepare for painting
STEP 1: Prepare for painting

Before you start any paint job, it’s crucial to prep your space. First of all, you’ll need to dust and wash the exterior of the home with sugar soap and then pressure wash clean to remove any stubborn grime. If you have a roller door, lightly etch the surface with a scourer to provide a good surface for the paint to stick to.

TIP: to avoid getting paint on the painted concrete floor, we used a Monarch dropshot and for added protection, we used a quality exterior 3M rough surface tape along the edges, where the wall joined with the floor, to avoid any paint spills.

STEP 2: Start at the Ceiling
STEP 2: Start at the Ceiling

It’s best to start painting from the top of the room so that any drips and splatters will get painted over when you move onto the walls.

Use a Monarch Advance 63mm brush to cut in around the walls, trims and doorframes of your veranda, then use a Monarch Smartlock 160mm microfibre mini roller to roll the flat areas.

The Monarch Smart-lock mini rollers are perfect for rolling smaller, hard to reach areas. They can click on and off the frame and come with a smart storage container, meaning you can store your mini roller between coats without getting messy.

STEP 3: Paint the Bricks
STEP 3: Paint the Bricks

When rolling paint onto a bagged brick exterior, you want to use a tough and thick roller to really get into all the cracks and crevices. We used the latest roller from the Monarch Expertech range, it’s 26mm thick so it holds more paint than most exterior rollers, making the job super quick and simple. The roller is also really long-lasting as it’s made from quality material, so it can be used over and over again.

Using your roller, apply paint to the walls in smooth strokes from the very top, all the way to the bottom, reloading from your paint tray as you go.

STEP 4: Painting detail areas
STEP 4: Painting detail areas

When painting smaller detail areas, such as doors and gutters we recommend using our Walls, Doors & Trims range, as they are small, have unbelievable control and allow for extreme accuracy – meaning you can get into all the nooks and crannies.

STEP 5: Painting Colourbond
STEP 5: Painting Colourbond

Believe it or not, but painting a Colourbond roller door is simple, easy and makes a big impact.

Once your surface is properly prepped, use a Monarch Advance Sash Brush to paint one slat at a time. Once you applied your paint, make sure you tip-off your paint work – apply the paint smoothly and lightly in one direction - before moving to the next slat.

To paint up under the edge of the garage opening, use a Monarch Radiator brush which has an angled head to make getting into tight spaces easier.

Tip: Use a quality water-based all-weather exterior paint that will keep its flexibility as it dries. The roller door is going to roll up and down, so it needs to be durable and ware well over time. 

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STEP 6: Styling

Finally, keeping the styling simple for the entrance of the house, we used feature wall art, a lush pot plant and fun patterned door mat to give the space some personality and really bring it to life.

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