MONARCH SmartLock™
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MONARCH SmartLock™

The MONARCH SmartLock™ Mini Roller system is an innovative and unique design that eliminates mess and keeps paint fresh in between coats. The SmartLock push and release mechanism is a no mess solution that allows you to simply remove the mini roller cover without getting paint on your hands. There is a range of fabrics and sizes available making the SmartLock mini roller the perfect tool for your next paint project.

Features & Benefits

  • Angled frame - more convenient for 100% vertical applications
  • Storage tube - no more rollers drying out, keeps mini roller fresh for 2 weeks
  • No more mess - the SmartLock Push and Release system allows you to remove the cover from the frame without getting paint on your hands
  • Mini Roller frame is compatible with Monarch Poles
  • Microfibre quality mini roller for a smooth finish with a 10mm nap length

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