Roller Covers

Paint Roller Covers - FAQ

Why should I use a Monarch paint roller?

You don’t want to go through all the effort of rolling out a wall only for the finish to be patchy and uneven. This is a common occurrence when you don’t invest in high-quality paint rollers.

Monarch’s range of task rollers, containing premium quality ultra-microfibre, will give any surface a flawless finish. Not only do they deliver an ultra-smooth finish, you won’t have to worry about picking loose fibres out of your new paint job. 

How do I know which roller I should use for my painting project?

A range of different materials are used for Monarch roller covers. This is because particular surfaces require certain materials to achieve the best result. Fabrics such as ultra microfibre are great for use on smooth surfaces, whilst woven polyester makes light work of rough and textured surfaces. 

Our range of quality paint rollers is named after the particular project they’re designed for, taking the guesswork out of choosing the right one for you.   

How do I know which nap length to use?

Nap length relates to the thickness of the roller fabric. Different thicknesses are designed specifically for different projects. 

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How should I prepare and care for my paint rollers?

When you prepare to paint, ensure you rinse your roller thoroughly in water and spin out any excess moisture. A pre-rinsed roller will pick up paint and apply it better than a dry roller. 

When taking a break or in between coats, wrap the roller up in aluminium foil to prevent it from drying out. Upon completion of your project, remove excess paint by rolling out onto newspaper. Wash the roller out in warm, soapy water and run a brush comb through it to remove leftover paint. 

What is the best technique for rolling out a wall?

We recommend rolling out your wall in sections, starting each roller area in the middle section so you glide the roller up and down the surface. Go over it a few times until the area looks smooth and even. Continue along the wall until all sections are complete. Wait a few hours before applying the second coat.

Add the right products to your Painting Tool Kit

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