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Living in an apartment or unit is fantastic, but let’s face it – there is generally minimal space for a dedicated laundry room. Despite the challenges that small-space living can present, an effortlessly stylish and well-designed laundry area can make a transformational impact on your home. Even if your laundry is tucked away in the corner of a bathroom, kitchen or garage, it’s still important that it works for yourself and your family.

We love coming up with small space solutions, so we turned two appliances and a sink in the back of a garage into a functional laundry space with the help of our friends at kaboodle kitchen.


STEP 1: Redesign the Space
STEP 1: Redesign the Space

To complete this garage laundry conversion, we got our friends at kaboodle kitchen to help us out with a redesign. The main features we wanted to focus on were increased bench space, integrated appliances and some more storage. We replaced the sink, added a splashback, some cabinets and a great timber benchtop. Timber benchtops are a great option to use in a laundry as they’re highly durable and can be sanded easily in the event of any scratches or dents occurring on the surface.

STEP 2: Prepare the Benchtop
STEP 2: Prepare the Benchtop

Kaboodle timber benchtops come as untreated wood so they need a bit of work before they’re ready to use.

Prepare the benchtop for sealing by sanding the top and sides with 120 grit sandpaper. Vacuum the surface to remove all dirt and dust then wipe down the benchtop with a damp cloth to make sure it’s completely free of any dust. Make sure the benchtop is completely dry before moving to the next step.

STEP 3: First Coat
STEP 3: First Coat

We’re using the kaboodle Clear Hardwax Oil to prepare the surface of our benchtop and to preserve the look of the timber.

Stir the hardwax oil thoroughly before use. Use a Monarch mini roller to apply a thin coat in long, even strokes, following the direction of the timber grain. Keep an eye out for any drips on the edges and wipe them away. Make sure you coat the edges of the benchtop as well as the top.

Leave the first coat to dry for 12 hours.

STEP 4:Second Coat
STEP 4:Second Coat

After 12 hours, sand the surface of the benchtop with 240 grit sandpaper, then vacuum and wipe down the surface. Apply a second coat of the Hardwax Oil to the top and sides.

When a sealant like the Hardwax Oil is applied to raw timber, the grain of the wood will rise when it dries. Sanding between coats will ensure you get a silky-smooth finish when it dries.

STEP 5: Organisation
STEP 5: Organisation

Use Monarch products, to give the surrounding wall a fresh coat of paint. Organise your items using stackable storage options and labels to make laundry time a breeze. Add some indoor plants and interesting ornaments to your benchtop to bring your completed laundry room renovation to life!

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