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Garage Reorganisation

It’s easy for a garage to turn into the home’s storage area. Sporting equipment, garden tools, household items; once they start piling up it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Today on House of Monarch, we take a cluttered, over-stuffed garage and give it a complete overhaul with a Pinnacle storage system. The three different styles of storage mean that there’s a perfect place for everything, plus room for the car!


STEP 1: Open Shelving and Storage Boxes
STEP 1: Open Shelving and Storage Boxes

Sometimes you want to have your stored items accessible but without the visual clutter; open shelves with storage boxes are the perfect solution. With a storage system like the Pinnacle 5-tiered shelving unit you can keep all your miscellaneous household items neatly stored (with proper labelling of course). Add in some large storage tubs and you’re on your way to an organised storage room.

Pro Tip… Keep all your painting tools in one box so you’re ready for your next painting project without the last-minute dash to the hardware store. Can openers, paint stirrers, cleaned brushes and rollers can all be stored for your next project.

STEP 2: Locking Cabinets and Adjustable Shelving
STEP 2: Locking Cabinets and Adjustable Shelving

Locking cabinets are great for getting a sleek, minimal look in your garage while keeping your valuable or bulky items secure. Having doors with locks is not only safer for storage, it’ll be less likely for the cabinet doors to swing open and damage a car. We used the Pinnacle locking storage cabinets which have adjustable shelves and are the same height and depth as the tiered shelving to keep the garage looking unified.

Pro Tip… Paint tins need to be stored in a cool, dry place off the ground which makes a locking cabinet the perfect spot. Never store your paint tins directly on a concrete floor or you’ll end up with rust which can damage the tin and contaminate your paint.

STEP 3: Pegboard
STEP 3: Pegboard

A pegboard is a super versatile, customisable and space saving garage addition that is perfect for slim spaces that may not have room for full shelving. The Pinnacle pegboard that we used for our garage is made of powdercoated metal which means you can use magnetic fasteners as well as the regular hooks and pegs. The single sheets can also be attached to the sides of the cabinets or open shelving for some extra hanging space.

Pro Tip… Pegboards make the perfect spot to hang your freshly washed brushes and rollers for drying. Replace them in their original packaging once they’re dry to keep out dust and dirt, ready for your next painting project.

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