House of Monarch 2

DIY Bathroom Makeover

Mark and Aimee work some Monarch magic in this weeks House of Monarch transformation. The DIY duo show us how a fresh coat of paint and some upgraded accessories are all you need to breathe new life into a tired bathroom.


House of Monarch - bathroom step 1
STEP 1: Prepare the Walls and Tiles

When you are prepping spaces that have a lot of soapy residues like laundries or bathrooms, give the walls and tiles a good wash with sugar soap before you paint. When washing difficult surfaces like tiles and vanity, use a scotch brite pad to clean and etch the surface.

House of Monarch - bathroom step 2
STEP 2: Start by Cutting In

You’ll need to cut in to all the corners of the room, as well as intricate areas such as around mirrors, any fittings that aren’t being removed and the vanity. Using Taubmans Endure low sheen paint is perfect for wet areas such as the bathroom.

House of Monarch - bathroom step 3
STEP 3: Roll the Walls and Ceiling

Once you have finished cutting in, it’s time to roll the walls and ceiling. We used the new Monarch Expertech Spi-Weave roller cover, which is made of a special polyester fabric to pick-up and release more paint than most rollers. This means you’ll get better coverage and finish, as well as the job done faster.

Attach your roller to a Monarch Aluminium Extension Pole to make reaching over the bathtub and vanity a breeze.

House of Monarch - bathroom step 4
STEP 4: Paint Tiles

Making sure your tiles are clean and dry, start by applying quality tile & laminate primer to each tile, making sure to get into the grout lines. Tile primer is vital for ensuring the top coats adhere properly for a long-lasting finish to your tiles.

Once the primer is dry, sand and dust off the tiles before applying your top coat. To get a consistent paint finish, paint the tiles 2 or 3 at a time before moving to the next section. This will ensure a smooth finish with less brush marks. Once the first coat is dry, apply a second coat if necessary.

TIP: While painting tiles, don’t overload your brush with paint and ensure you ‘tip off’ each tile with quality brush, to minimise brush marks.

House of Monarch - bathroom step 5
STEP 5: Paint the Vanity

Use the same primer for the vanity as you used for the tiles which is especially important for lighter colours covering dark. Use the Monarch Expertech 63mm Sash Cutter to cut in around the sink and edges, then roll with a Monarch SmartLock Doors, Skirting & Cupboards Microfibre Mini Roller.

House of Monarch - bathroom step 6
STEP 6: Paint the Floors

The last step for your room should be the floor tiles as they will need the longest time undisturbed. Make sure you use a paint that is specially formulated for floors to ensure its durable enough to withstand the rooms foot traffic.

Use a Monarch SmartLock 4mm Microfibre Mini Roller to paint small sections of floor, ensuring each tile is tipped off before moving on.

House of Monarch - bathroom step 7
STEP 7: Finishing Touches

Once all the paint has dried, it’s time to fit the new brass tapware and add a few soft styling elements to bring the space together.

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