House of Monarch 2

Revitalising an Outdoor Space

Mark & Aimee’s adventure continues on House of Monarch with an outdoor makeover in the outer east of Melbourne. Below are the steps on how they evolve a dull outdoor space into a family-friendly entertainer’s dream.


house of monach - outdoor - step- 1
STEP 1: Plan your upgrades

Start by planning your vision and note down all the areas you’d like to refresh so you can tackle them in sequence. Always seek professional advice if there’s any heavy machinery or construction involved. Start the preparation by removing all the outdoor furniture and fixtures from the space before protecting anything that can’t be removed with a Monarch Leak-Proof Canvas drop sheets.

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STEP 2: Prepare the Deck

An existing deck requires thorough preparation. Use an electric sander to strip back the timber removing the old paint stain so that the surface is smooth. For larger decks it’s worth investing in a belt sender to speed up the process. After sanding, sweep the dust off the deck and wash the surface with a high-pressure washer and a quality deck wash. When the deck is dry, you’re ready to paint.

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STEP 3: Oil the Deck

This involves painting the surface and edges with your brush. Using a brush ensures full coverage when painting the sides and tops of the timber slats. The first coat usually takes time however it’s important that all edges are covered so your deck lasts longer. For a newer deck use a quality decking oil, but if you have an older deck a quality deck stain with a darker pigment will really lift the look of your deck. Follow your brush strokes with the Monarch Deck brush for a quality smooth finish.

For the second coat, use the lambswool applicator in the Monarch Woodcare Decking Kit to apply stain approximately 3 slats at a time for the full length of the deck. Glide the applicator along the slats using light-moderate pressure; smooth strokes will ensure great coverage. Keep your paint tray nearby for easy loading. Remember to go back in with your brush to get the sides of each slat.

You’ll need to leave your deck undisturbed for a few days after application but check the product details for exact times.

house of monach - outdoor - step-4
STEP 4: Paint the Pergola

Prepare your pergola by removing lights and fittings or tape over them to protect them from any paint splatter. If your pergola has flaky paint use a wire brush to remove the loose paint then dust it off to get a smooth surface.

Use a Monarch Expertech X-Tech sash brush to cut in to the tight corners then paint one post at a time. Swap to a Monarch SmartLock Fabric Mini Roller to tackle larger areas, or continue with the brush for the whole process. If required, apply a second coat.

TIP: Ensuring that each coat is completely dry before the next one goes on means the new coat won’t pull up the old one and create an uneven surface.

house of monach - outdoor - step-5
STEP 5: Paint the Fence

With a rough surface like a fence, using a quality applicator will speed up the painting process. Monarch Smartlock Fabric Mini Rollers are the perfect tool for this job; the 11mm fabric has great coverage on rough surfaces. Using a 100mm width mini roller will be small enough to reach between the palings and the fabric covered end will mean you can get into the side of each paling. For any spots the roller can’t reach, use a Monarch Exterior and Rough Surfaces brush.

TIP: Don’t forget to paint the top of the fence to seal and protect it from sun and water damage.

house of monach - outdoor - step-6
STEP 6: Styling and Finishing Touches

To give this outdoor space some added privacy, consider installing some privacy screens to the top of the fence. Add some family friendly additions with a chalk board, play area and cubby house. Complete your outdoor area with some tropical plants, outdoor furniture and festoon lights for a space you can enjoy all year round.

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