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Refreshing a Balcony Area

Today on House of Monarch we take a preloved small balcony area and give it a refresh with a fresh coat of paint and functional styling.


Refreshing a Balcony Area - HOM1 - step 1
STEP 1: Prepare to Paint

Give the door frames, door, window frames and balustrade a good sand and clean before applying the first coat.

Prior to starting to paint lay a canvas drop sheet below the areas you will painting and remove any hanging pots from the balustrade to give you a clean working area. Be sure to place painters tape on edging of the window to avoid getting paint on the glass. 

It is important before painting any timber surface to give it a light sand to remove any imperfections. Use an electric sander on the door and windows trim until you reach your desired surface finish. For tight or detailed areas such as detailed door trim and balustrades you may need to hand sand.

Once you’re done sanding clean up any dust on the surface with a brush or microfibre cloth.

Refreshing a Balcony Area - HOM1 - step 2
STEP 2: Painting the Brick

Cut in with a wall brush, we recommend the Monarch Exterior & Rough surfaces brush. Then apply your paint using a Monarch Expertech render & Brick Walls SPI-WEAVE Roller Cover that is designed for use on rough surface. The thick design makes it easy to apply directly to bricks and get the small space between each brick.

Refreshing a Balcony Area - HOM1 - step 3
STEP 3: Painting the Door Trim and Windows

To best avoid damaging your newly painted window we have developed a window painting system. Start by painting the internal frame then move on to the edges and bottom of the frame and finish with the face of the window.

After leaving the first coat to dry repeat the above process for a second coat, painting a second coat will make a huge difference to the finish of your window. The second coat of paint should glide on for an even finish that is going to stand the test of time.

PRO TIP: Move the window mechanism to the side before you start painting.

Refreshing a Balcony Area - HOM1 - step 4
STEP 4: Painting the Balustrade

Depending on the detail of the balustrade you may need both a mini roller and paint brush to get to the hard-to-reach areas. A Monarch Detail & Finishing Brush is perfect for painting small areas.

Balustrades are extremely weathered areas, to ensure longevity in your paint job we suggest doing a second coat once the first one is dry. A second coat should glide on to provide an even finish that is going to last for a very long time.  

Refreshing a Balcony Area - HOM1 - step 5
STEP 5: Styling the Space

When styling a small balcony area, it is important to create the illusion of space, we utilised a minimalist style to make the most of this space. In this area we have removed screening that was on the balcony as it enclosed in the balcony, making it feel smaller.

Creating a small seating area can increase the functionality of the space whilst providing comfort to make the space more inviting.

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