House of Monarch 2

Kitchen Renovation

Today on House of Monarch we are bringing life back to an entire kitchen with a fresh coat of paint on the doors, splashback and benchtop!


House of Monarch - Kitchen Renovation - step 1
STEP 1: Time to Prep

To start prepping we first suggest putting down a drop sheet to ensure your floors are protected and you’re not going to risk getting paint on them. Then we go in with sugar soap and give all surfaces a good scrub to get off any hidden grime that will prevent the paint adhering. Once you have a clean surface you can begin by putting down a primer, primer is a critical step as it helps the top coat to adhere for a long-lasting finish.

House of Monarch - Kitchen Renovation - step 2
STEP 2: Painting the Cupboards

Freshen up the kitchen by choosing a new cabinetry paint colour! This is going to save on renovation costs and allow budget for high quality synthetic brushes. For a smooth finish we recommend a microfibre mini roller. 

House of Monarch - Kitchen Renovation - step 3
STEP 3: Painting the Benchtop

Painting the benchtop a complimentary colour to the cabinets will provide contrast and enhance the overall kitchen design. Cutting in with a brush then painting the benchtop using a microfibre roller for a smooth even finish. Be sure to paint two coats as your benchtop is high traffic and prone to having hot surfaces placed on it.

For cutting in and rolling tips, click here.

House of Monarch - Kitchen Renovation - step 4
STEP 4: Styling the Space

To finish off the space we have opted for on trend brass accessories that gives the kitchen a style refresh. Updating kitchen accessories is an easy way to keep your kitchen on trend as they are easily interchangeable. Wash your brush and roller properly for your next project.

Finish off the room by styling with functional bar stools, a coffee nook and don’t forget to add a touch of greenery to bring the space to life.  

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