House of Monarch 2

A Bold Feature Wall

Today on House of Monarch we are creating a feature wall in a lounge room! The use of a bold feature wall design adds a fun element to any room paired with a DIY coffee table you can fully customise your space.


House of Monarch 2 - Bold Feature Wall - step 1
STEP 1: Time to Prep and Measure

To start prepping we first suggest putting down a drop sheet to ensure your floors are protected and you’re not going to risk getting paint on them.

Measure up the outline of your desired shape on your walls and ceilings, once measured outline with a pencil and place painters’ tape on the pencil line.

House of Monarch 2 - Bold Feature Wall - step 2
STEP 2: Cutting In and Painting

Cutting in is especially important for this project as you want to avoid the paint bleeding in to anywhere outside the space you have taped. Here we’ve used an Expertech paint brush to cut in for a smooth finish. Once you’ve finished prepping you can start rolling the paint inside the taped lines.  Here we’ve used a microfibre mini roller to get in to the small corners of our chosen shapes.

For more cutting in and rolling tips, click here.

House of Monarch 2 - Bold Feature Wall - step 3
STEP 3: Styling the Space

We’ve complimented the bright feature wall with a colourful rug and a fun upcycled coffee table. 

Also, Don't forget to wash your brushes and rollers properly for the next project.

Aimee Stanton
Mark Fussy
Mark O’Connor