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Contemporary Open Plan Living

Today on House of Monarch we are transforming an open plan living area! We have created an inviting living space with a fresh coat of paint and contemporary style choices!


Contemporary Open Plan Living step 1
STEP 1: Time to Prep

To start prepping we first suggest putting down a drop sheet to ensure your floors are protected and you’re not going to risk getting paint on them.

Let’s start prepping the walls, for any bare patches on the walls paint over them first then fill this will help the next layer of paint to adhere. For any past repairs that have already been filled give them a sand then a quick coat of paint around the area for a perfect finish.

Contemporary Open Plan Living step 2
STEP 2: Cutting In

For any wall and ceiling paint project it is important to cut in before you start rolling, including your skirting and cornice. Here we’ve used an Expertech paint brush to cut in for both walls and ceiling for a smooth finish. 

For more cutting in and rolling tips, click here.

Contemporary Open Plan Living step 3
STEP 5: Painting Ceiling and Walls

Start by painting the ceiling! For the best coverage we recommend using the Expertech spyware fabric roller that will give you a quick smooth finish.

To avoid roller lines on a ceiling when you’re up to the second coat roll the paint in the opposite direction to your first coat especially if you’re not using a flat ceiling paint. You can use the same Expertech roller for both walls and ceilings and be sure not to forget the second coat for a long-lasting smooth finish. 

Contemporary Open Plan Living step 4
STEP 5: Styling the Space

To style the open plan living area we opted for a subtle neutral colour scheme! We have added dimension with a new couch, coffee table and buffet all with the natural elements. We have complimented the subtle colours with sheer curtains to soften the space and an oversized rug to pull it all together.

Also, Don't forget to wash your brushes and rollers properly for the next project.

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