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The Perfect Entertainment Room

Today on House of Monarch we turn an entertainment room into the perfect multi-purpose space with a moody paint colour and comfortable style choices!


perfect entertainment room step 1
STEP 1: Time to Prep

To start prepping we first suggest putting down a drop sheet to ensure your floors are protected and you’re not going to risk getting paint on them. Let’s start prepping, for any textured surfaces we recommend sanding back the texture before painting for a smooth finish. For non-textured walls it is still beneficial to give them a light sand before painting to help the paint stick.

perfect entertainment room step 2
STEP 2: Selecting Your Paint Colour

When selecting your paint colour do not rely on colour swatches! Instead paint your colour samples on a MDF panel, this is going to make them portable to check all the different lighting situations. This method cuts out the need to prime and paint over the colour swatches saving precious time.

perfect entertainment room step 3
STEP 3: Cutting In

Use a paint brush to cut in the walls and ceiling! With this project we were lucky that the walls and ceiling were being painted the same colour, this made cutting in easy as you can do both at the same time.

For more cutting in and rolling tips, click here.

perfect entertainment room step 4
STEP 5: Painting Ceiling and Walls

Start by painting the ceiling! For the best coverage use the method of painting 2 roller widths to the centre of the ceiling then repeating on the other side and try not to spread the paint too far. To avoid roller lines on a ceiling when your up to the second coat roll the paint in the opposite direction to your first coat especially if you’re not using a flat ceiling paint. You can use the same micro-fibre roller for both walls and ceilings and be sure not to forget the second coat for a long-lasting smooth finish. 

perfect entertainment room step 5
STEP 5: Styling the Space

To style this moody entertainment space we have opted for a family friendly comfy couch, being a multi-purpose space feel free to add in any entertainment such as tv’s or even an arcade game.

Finish off the room by styling with artwork, comfy cushions and don’t forget to add a touch of greenery to bring the space to life.  

Also, Don't forget to wash your brushes and rollers properly for the next project.

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